Hockey is always an interesting game to watch if you know about the rules. Though hockey is not as popular as other real sports events, there are plenty of people who bet on hockey. The number is increasing day by day and it is experiencing growth. Betting on hockey is as similar as betting on baseball.

Hockey is one of the major sports in North America. Like all other sports, hockey has its fan base. There are popular tournaments like the Stanley cup, NHL, and many more on which betting occurs frequently.

Types of betting in hockeyhockey betting

Under betting

In this type of betting, the match result can be anything. One place bet on the number of goals in a match by both the teams. Sometimes, you can also underbet on a single team’s goals.

Money line betting

This is direct betting. One bet on the match result irrespective of the goals scored in a match. This is the conventional style of betting and it is the way how hockey betting has started.

Puck line betting

Puck line betting requires skill. It has separate rules to bet. Among the two teams, there is a favourite team and a non favourite team. Based on the selection, the favourite team will have a deduction of 1.5 in its goal score. The non favourite team will have an addition of 1.5 to its goal score.

You need to place the bet on any one of the teams you wish for. It can be either favourite team or non favourite team. But, if you place a bet on your favourite team and you win the bet, you get a small profit. If you placed the bet on a non favourite team and you win, you get a large share of profits.

Some of the websites that allow hockey betting

  1. Betway
  2. 888 sport
  3. William hill
  4. Paddy power
  5. Bet victor
  6. Bet us
  7. My bookie
  8. Betnow
  9. Bovada sports

       And many more.

Factors to consider starting hockey betting

hockey tips

  • Legal registration of the site
  • You should ensure that the website is legally bound and has a license to run hockey betting.
  • Deposit ways and withdrawal methods
  • Sportsbook

Sportsbook is one of the important factors to start hockey betting. You should ensure that the sportsbook contains all the popular leagues of hockey that occur across the globe such as the Stanley cup, NHL, etc.

Bonuses and special offers

There are thousands of websites that allow hockey betting. But, only some of them have attractive bonus policies, promotions, and welcome bonuses.

Ensure that you have high odds in the game you want to place the bet. Odds, the value of the bet, and the collection of the games that the websites allow are to be checked, and then one must start according to the results they get.

Some of the websites promote hockey betting by providing risk-free betting as a welcoming bonus. William Hill website provides the best offer as of now in hockey betting a risk-free bet up to $2021. Have safe and responsible play.